Chichekliev Bros LTD was incorporated in 1992.
We design and produce refrigerated displays and hot food displays, shelves, specialized refrigerating equipment, overall furnishing of commercial outlets, refrigerated and neutral bars, pastry shop windows, wall window displays and ice cream shop windows. We also offer furniture for the home – kitchens, children’s rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, living-room wall units.
We furnish hotel rooms and reception desks, food blocks of restaurants and petrol stations, health care institutions and so on.
We work in partnership with other companies for complex solution of your desires.

Our scope of business
Main scope of business: production of refrigeration articles and modular furniture. Bratya Chicheklievi LTD also offers the following services:
    - Designer’s engineering of premises
    - Interior repairs of commercial outlets and apartments
    - Heating and ventilation
    - Commercial furnishing of pastry shops and bars
    - Furnishing of foodstuff shops
    - Neutral furnishing of commercial outlets
    - Furnishing of offices, pharmacies, kindergartens, hotels
    - Furniture for apartments - kitchens, bedrooms, wardrobes

Our goal
To provide complex services to our clients wishing to obtain optimal solutions in the sphere of commercial furnishing of foodstuff shops, pastry shops, bars and so on.

History of the Company
The Company was incorporated in 1992. It commenced with the production of stand refrigerated displays. It expanded its product range with pastry shop, island and wall shop windows. It also produces hot food displays – dry and water, refrigerated displays for salads and so on.
In 1996 it also commenced to produce modular furniture, which contributed to the complex furnishing of various sites.